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DeepDark Dubai is the perfect place for a team to work together and achieve one goal: Success.

Each room is under audio and video surveillance. This enables us to monitor team interaction. Our staff is then able to watch, observe and evaluate the group dynamic. Ultimately this information will help your group to better enhance future team performance at the workplace.

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First Horror/Escape Game in VILLA at DUBAI Rules

  • Follow the clues with your team and try to escape in 60 minutes!
  • All rights of your records belong to DeepDark. Do not insist about sharing with you.
  • Our team will be watching your group to observe and to help about puzzles. DeepDark will never share your video for advertisement without your consent.
  • Any video record or taking photo is not allowed during the game.

First Horror/Escape Game in VILLA at DUBAI Rules

  • Age limit is 14 for DeepDark games. Children can attend with their parents
  • Our game is not suitable for pregnant women, epilepsy, claustrophobia, panic attack, heart disease, etc. for those with health problems. Responsibilities belong to them.
  • Our live actors will not touch you, and you will not touch any actor. Don’t throw or force any items. If you want to stop everything, just say so. You can not continue the game again..
  • In any not allowed behavior, all rights of stop the game belong to DeepDark team.

A Brain-Teasing Race of Intellect

  • DeepDark has full of scary and action places!
  • In this game totaly darkness and foggy atmosphere is waiting for you!
  • You have just one hour to escape from six different room styles,
  • Closed doors and tiny tunnels.However dont forget about you arent alone in this play!!
  • Alive actors and a lot of strange scary paranormal situation wont leave you alone!
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